The US Economy drives the rest of the world.  And guess what, small businesses form the engine that drives our economy.  But it's not just about money.  Small businesses bring many benefits to our communities.  They provide employment.  They make up the supply chain for larger organizations.  They are involved in local charities.  Their owners are often community leaders because of the commitment that these individuals made to the community when they decided to invest locally.  Hear what Paul Nugent a Point of Sale consultant and small business advocate had to say in his recent blog on Shopkeep.

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 Mike  Parsons

Parsons holds the CISSP, PCIP, IAM, IEM and is HIPAA certified. He is a 6 year veteran of USMC and resides in eastern North Carolina. He has been a member of the Coastal Carolina SCORE Chapter for over 2 years.

SCORE Mentor and Workshop Facilitator, BlueTeamAssess LLC

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